Transformation from Tragedy offers a unique glimpse into a place where tragedy struck, but hope and cooperation endure. Told through the eyes of relief workers, this book draws you into the human story of the tsunami, and how hearts are changed through both tragedy and compassion.

This story is for anyone who has ever wondered…

What difference can one person really make in the world?

Follow the experiences of ordinary people who answered the call to serve in extraordinary circumstances.

How does a community recover when tragedy strikes?

The scale of the tsunami disaster was unprecedented. This story takes the disaster from epic news story down to a one-on-one level, revealing the humanity behind the headlines.

Is there hope for peace in the world between different faiths?

Unbeknownst to many, the tsunami disaster in Indonesia has resulted in cross-faith cooperation and friendship that could serve as a model for building bridges across the barriers of culture, language, and faith.

What does my support of charitable causes really do?

It is estimated that 40% of Americans gave to tsunami relief in one way or another. Gain a glimpse into the incredible and tangible effect charitable giving can have, not only with people’s practical and emotional needs, but also on their hearts and perception of Americans.

  Transformation from Tragedy is an exploration of faith and humanity, brought to life in full-color and vivid storytelling. We invite you to experience the transformation.

Book Features:

160 full-color pages

A foreword by former President George H.W. Bush

Over 150 photographs and illustrations

Diecut front cover

20% of the book price goes to tsunami relief